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Responsive WEBSITES Designed with You in Mind

Welcome to Firstfruits Webdesign, where innovation meets compassion in the digital realm. We are a small but dedicated team of website development and design professionals committed to empowering charities, small businesses, and community groups with impactful online presence. At Firstfruits, we believe in the power of technology to drive positive change, and our mission is to help organisations of all sizes thrive in the digital landscape. With our expertise and tailored solutions, we partner with our clients to craft stunning websites that captivate audiences and serve as powerful tools for achieving their missions. Whether you're a charity aiming to increase outreach, a small business looking to expand your online footprint, or a community group seeking to enhance engagement, Firstfruits Webdesign is here to turn your vision into reality. Join us in creating a brighter digital future, one website at a time.


Recent Sites

Volunteerbuild Website


December 2023

Volunteer Build, a registered charity here in New Zealand provides cost-effective voluntourism options. Volunteer Build connects people with projects worldwide, that directly assist with relieving the effects of poverty. The primary use case for this site was to provide information and the means to collect the data required for travel and volunteer work overseas.

Twist-N-Grip Website


September 2022

The Twist-N-Grip Peg is made in New Zealand from polyoxymethylene, a high-strength, low-friction engineering plastic. it simply screws in and out of the earth giving you a good secure anchorage point for all manor of use cases. The site sports a small shopping cart and features a little animation and a demonstration video.

Freedom Life Website

Freedom Life
Addiction Recovery Service

September 2019

The FreedomLife programme provides a place, people, and programme to support those who want to make a life free of addictive or compulsive behaviours including to alcohol, drugs, gambling, work, co-dependency, shopping/spending, food, pornography, sex, technology, and more….

Friendship Force Website

Napier Club of Friendship force NZ

February 2019

The Friendship Force is an international, non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit organisation. The sole aim of the Friendship Force is to foster peace and understanding throughout the world by means of personal contacts and shared experiences achieved through a programme of home hosting.

Property Perfect Website
Property Perfect
November 2018

A brand new site for a brand new business!
The guys at Property Perfect aim to provide home and other property owners with a one stop service. Employing only skilled and qualified trades people you will not be disappointed with their work. Most any kind of job can be undertaken inside or out.
Check out the website for a comprehensive list.

BPM Events Website

BPM Events

August 2018

A makeover for BPM Events, a Wellington based events, touring and DJ business. James works hard to make things happen and always out to please his clients. BPM Events have worked alongside many local and international artists and promoters and rapidly becoming a major contender in the New Zealand marketplace..

Digital Wings Website

Digital Wings

April 2018

The Digital Wings Trust works with socially and environmentally responsible business and public sector organisations to donate quality IT equipment to charities and community organisations. Preference is given to those working in youth education to employment, but donors can nominate charities of their choice.

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